Thanks to all at Moonraker - we had an incredible day today; I’ve lived around Port Phillip Bay for years and today was the best experience on the water. I will definitely be back - thanks again

Alison Mcleod

Had the most amazing experience today with these guy’s, everyone does not miss out make sure if you wanna have the most amazing experience of your life go with these guys, thank you so much has made the whole year

Sean Owens

I did the Seal snorkel tour as I had already done the dolphin swim but just loved the seals. The swim was so easy and the shallow water made it feel like I was snorkelling off the beach. I got so close to the seals it was so far beyond my expectations, thank you for providing such an awesome tour!

Alice Cook

We had an amazing day today! The team were professional, friendly and fantastic. We swam with the seals for over an hour and every effort was made to ensure we got what we paid for but also respective the beautiful animals. We cannot recommend this group enough. Thank you for an awesome day.

Kim KD Winks

One of the best days of my whole life! It was absolutely amazing to see such incredible creatures so close and hear them talking to each other underwater!! The crew were really respectful of the animals and they were absolutely fantastic with my 6-year-old niece who we took with us.

Katie Panda

Absolutely an amazing experience we had today, saw many dolphins, seals, stingrays, seahorse, pufferfish.... endless. But the staff on our charter were fantastic. Will return so can highly recommend Moonraker ❤️ Thank you for an amazing experience

Teena Staib